Insight on Culture Change and the Household Model from the Action Pact Team

Welcome to the Action Pact blog! Those of you who know us know that Action Pact is committed to changing what it means to be a nursing home. We’ve learned a lot over the years and in an effort to keep the conversation going and current, we’re introducing our new blog: Neighbors.

We have so many exciting stories, so much helpful information and thoughtful insight to share. Our consultants will highlight areas of their expertise and invite you to join in conversation on the topics presented including:

  • Linda Bump on Dining
  • Megan Hannan on  PersonFirst® and Dementia Care
  • Glenn Blacklock on Wellness
  • LaVrene Norton on Household Model Operations

Plus, we’ll feature guest bloggers, success stories from long-term care organizations across the country, and news of culture change, long-term care and elder issues.

Throughout our culture change journeys a commitment to continued learning is vital to success. So here’s a place where we’ll share some of the things we’re discovering in hopes that you’ll be inspired to make some changes. As always, we believe in high involvement and we want to hear from you. What are you doing to transform elder care in your community?

A Value Statement from a Culture Change Nursing Home

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