Laying The Foundation For A New Vision

Bridgewater Retirement Community (BRC) in Bridgewater, VA recently laid the foundation for the new household of its Huffman Healthcare Center. On August 27, 2013, 52 years to the day after the first meeting to start fundraising for what was then called Bridgewater Home for the Aging, folks gathered near the new foundation to remember those who began the vision of providing services for elders, celebrate the present support from the community and prepare for the future households. “The vision of providing services for elders, that is quality of care, is the same,” said Karen McNeal, Vice President of Marketing for BRC. “What has changed is how we provide those services, the quality of life. We want it to be more like home, with residents more involved and making more decisions about their day.”

Among those in attendance at the ceremony were five very special BRC members: the first DON of Bridgewater Home for the Aging, a member of the first Board of Directors, the first president and founding member of the auxiliary, the architect of the original building and a member of the construction crew that built it. Karen said these community members and their families were pleased to have the contributions they made to the community acknowledged and are looking forward to experiencing the changes the households will bring.

As part of the celebration, a foundation stone, mined from the area, was presented with a plaque “acknowledging the mission and advancing the vision.” The stone will have a place of honor at the entrance to the households when they are completed in fall of 2014.

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