The Piper Brings A New Type of Senior Care to Kansas City

Our team is thrilled to announce the construction of the first Action Pact owned community. The Piper Assisted Living and Memory Care will be opening this summer in Kansas City, KS. The building was designed by Action Pact Design and will consist of 6 households of 20 private apartments.

The Piper in Kansas City, KS

Around the country, residents and family members have often shared with us that they would like to continue living together when their loved one is in need of care. The Piper will break through this barrier by introducing the concept of a home within a home. People living at The Piper will have private apartments where they can enjoy their own personal space. At the same time, they are a part of a household which, like any house, has a kitchen, dining room, living room and other cozy living spaces – including a den and sunroom. The design of both the building and the organization will facilitate a well spouse living in an apartment with someone requiring assistance. A wife can continue residing with her husband living with Alzheimer’s, being involved in his daily care if she likes, and still feeling she can come and go without worrying about his safety.

Community Leader Heather Generalli brings her years of experience at Meadowlark Hills to build the foundational team that will operate The Piper. A Director of Nursing will be hired in the spring. The new community will offer both Assisted Living households as well as Memory Care households, providing much needed support for people living with dementia in Kansas City, KS.

To learn more about Memory Care at The Piper, enjoy this video of Megan Hannan discussing how the normalcy of the households at The Piper will provide the support they need to fall into their own rhythm of the day and engage in something they love.

Visit for further information about The Piper and like The Piper on Facebook for ongoing news about the progress of the community.

The Piper is the first of multiple partnerships that Action Pact has developed to build innovative answers to the challenge of elders living a good life. To stay informed about Action Pact Communities, visit our news page.

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