WHAT HAPPENED THIS SUMMER? We Found Encouraging News From Around the Globe — Culture change: It works!

Remember the good old days when your teacher asked you what you did on your summer vacation? Well, the summer report is back! From near and far there is good news for the culture change movement.  Here are a few short stories to inspire you.


An email shared with us by The Hermitage in Richmond, VA

Subject: The coffee offer

Hi, Sue,

I just wanted to thank you again for letting us know that you “bribed” Mom to a social evCoffee Offerent with the promise of coffee. 🙂  While I know that she enjoyed the beverage, I can promise you, even more –knowing that you remembered her favorite and made a point of offering it with a dose of humor meant the world to her.  As you know, when one has lost so much over the years, being treated as a special person means everything. 🙂

Price of coffee:     < $1

The entire coffee “experience” with a smile:  Priceless!

That says it all!


This story shared with us by Karmen Payne from Fair Haven in Birmingham, Alabama

Elderly walking1

I want to share a story with you all. I asked the associates in our dementia care unit to discuss an afternoon walking club for after dinner. The associates gathered a banner, pom-poms and a group of residents with severe dementia who can still walk. As they walked, they all waved and other residents waved back to them. Some even joined the walkers. Now, nightly, as this occurs the residents smile and interact like neighbors should. A staff person shared with tears in her eyes, “this is how I dreamed it could be.” Just small steps in a big circle of change.

You can try this at home — your home!


It’s already widely understood that pets enhance the daily lives of a great many residents in care communities. When we think of pets, we often think of dogs, cats, hamsters, perhaps birds, right? But in Australia, it can be a different story….

In their rural setting, the residents of Wontama take great pleasure in animals that are closer to home, as many of them have some connection to the bush and no longer have access to the animals that they did in their earlier lives. Joey love Recently they were visited by a joey (baby kangaroo), and the residents “lit up” when they either saw or held this little kangaroo. What a lovely warm feeling it gave everyone involved.

You can see why! Clearly adorable.

Shared with us by Helen Mobbs of UnitingCare’s Wontama Village Home in Orange, NSW, Australia


This story comes to us from WindsorMeade in Williamsburg, VA

During a recent Steering Team meeting, WindsorMeade celebrated many accomplishments in their move toward Culture Change.  In an effort to highlight those accomplishments, Steering Team members were given a T-shirt with their new logo and tagline on the front, “Embracing Life at Home.”  The sunbeam graphic is a salute to the book, In Pursuit of the Sunbeam, and the tagline embodies the team’s sentiments in a short phrase. The back of the shirt has a double intent: it defines their location and also their commitment to make Embracing Life at Home the “way” they do things each and every day. Each WindsorMeade team member will receive a shirt.

WindsorMeade Tees

Thank you, WindsorMeade, for the lovely tribute.  We are rooting for you all the way as you pursue the life at home that you envision!

In Pursuit of the Sunbeam was co-authored by Steve Shields and LaVrene Norton, and is available in the Action Pact webstore.


This story comes from Susan Robertson at The Hermitage-Roanoke in Roanoke, VA

One day at Kroger, Susan noticed they were giving away bouquets of fresh flowers to their customers. The Hermitage had been looking for a source to purchase fresh flowers for their dining room tables for some time, but had not been able to find one. With that in mind, she asked the store manager if they would be interested in donating fresh flowers that are not sellable to a non-profit long-term-care retirement community. Lo and behold… Kroger, said yes!

Hermitage FloristEver since then, on an almost weekly basis, Kroger has been donating fresh flowers to Hermitage in Roanoke. One of the residents loves flower arranging and has been faithfully decorating her community with fresh flowers almost daily. Now she has organized a group of residents to assist her with this project. One day Kroger donated over a dozen bunches of flowers of all types … roses of all colors, mums, etc. This came in handy, as they were getting ready for an anniversary celebration the next day. Here is picture of the “florist” and some of her beautiful flower arrangements enjoyed by all.


From Renee England and the people of Annesley House, UnitingCare, in Leichhardt, NSW, Australia

Annesley House has been looking at current design plans and major refurbishments. In light of that, Renee decided to meet with the residents to ask what Home means to them. These are people with mental health issues and many have been chronically homeless for most of their lives, so what kind of answers would she get? The session was amazing, she reported – very interactive and truly inspiring. So much so that she wishes she’d filmed it.Home means

The notes say it all. Sheets from the session are shown here.

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