Airing of the Quilts

This story was shared with us by Susan Clark of Uniting in Australia

Airing of the Quilts quilt

Recently our home, Caroona Kalina, hosted a two-day event showcasing a large selection of quilts. Our residents had expressed how much they love quilts and would love to have more involvement. This involved inviting residents, staff, families and the public – including our local Quilting Club – to air their quilts. In the end, we had nearly 200 handmade quilts on display! Many of our residents spent weeks preparing for the event during their art and crafts sessions. Our local Mayor officially opened the event, and we had an overwhelming response from the public, with people traveling significant distances to attend.Kalina Car Quilt2



Our residents were extremely proud to show off their home and could not believe how popular the event was. It was also an opportunity to showcase our newly opened ‘Splash Café.’ As a result of the quilt show, relationships have been established between the community and our home, which will continue over time.  All money that was raised went to Kalina’s Creative Ageing Program. Kalina quilt 1


The event made the local newspaper and received lots of positive press from our Mayor. We are very proud of our home and the smiles it brought to those we serve. The event brought the community, family, friends and residents all together for a bright, colourful, happy weekend.  Enjoy the photos!!!

Kalina quilts3

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