Action Pact, internationally known for its innovations in senior living, will bring its trademark Household Model closer to rural families.

AP Homes elevation

This is the first project of its kind geared specifically toward rural Kansas. The development in Hiawatha, KS is owned, designed and managed by Action Pact and will consist of two skilled nursing households in the first phase and independent living cottages in the second phase. Action Pact will break ground on the development, located in the northeast part of the Hiawatha community, with completion expected Spring, 2017. When completed, the project will have over 30 employees and offer a culture of wellness, quality of life, dignity, privacy, and connectivity for individuals who need healthcare and assistance with daily activities, including those with memory loss.

The design of the $5.4 million first phase, licensed as a nursing home, will feature distinctive and well-appointed “households” designed to reflect family-style living, including an open kitchen, dining room, living room and 20 private residences within each household. The second phase, the Independent Living cottages, will be small, delightful private homes, beautifully designed to accommodate a senior or a couple ready to Models-Res Aptdownsize and enjoy a more carefree lifestyle. Clustered in a pleasant walking neighborh0od, these nine homes will offer ample space to showcase personal style and life’s treasures while entertaining friends both old and new.

“This new lifestyle option coming to Hiawatha will dispel any notion you’ve ever had about senior living,” said Action Pact CEO Steve Shields. “Our household model, the first of its kind in the Hiawatha area, will encourage individuals to live life on their own terms, with the support of our highly-trained staff members. Our mission is to create a deep sense of connectivity between elders, their family and friends, and the community they live in.”

Built according to the Household Model which was developed by Action Pact, the new environment is architecturally designed to be warm, welcoming and homey. Residents will live in lovely, private rooms surrounded by their own cherished belongings. Their rooms open to a larger household, similar in size and features of a family home for up to 20 members, includModels-Welcome Ctr-4_croping an open kitchen, living room, and dining room. This creates a “home within a home” experience.

According to Shields, “At Action Pact, we have assisted organizations throughout the United States to do away with institutional environments and practices, and to create spaces that result in each resident having the home life they want. This new development will continue to champion these same principles and make truly self-directed household living available to rural seniors whose options to date have been sadly limited. These are strong folks who have lived independently all their lives. Nobody should ever have to give that up, and now they don’t have to.”

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Action Pact offers a comprehensive suite of services that enable residential senior living and acute care communities to envision, transform and flourish. Services include feasibility analysis, organizational restructuring, fund sourcing, project development, architectural design, operations management and consulting. Action Pact has offices in Kansas City, Manhattan, KS, Milwaukee, WI, Atlanta, GA, and Kolkata, India. Visit to learn more about Action Pact companies.


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