Secret Santa Makes Their Day

90762896 - cartoon secret santa on the pink background

Garden Spot Village opened its doors in September of 2001 and from the beginning we have always enjoyed the holiday activities planned by staff. When we built our new households in 2006 and renovated our original building into households, we started to think about how we could have a more meaningful experience for residents, staff and families. We brainstormed with the team and came up with a day that could be enjoyed by all. We already had Secret Santa down pat – staff members each chose a resident and provided a special gift for them. But, with the advent of our households we were becoming used to having the children of staff underfoot regularly, so we opened up Secret Santa to the children of employees, too.

Looks like both got a great gift!

Now Santa had a new job to make sure each child had a present. The kids come to work with Mom or Dad on Christmas Eve and hang out in the household until Santa comes. The residents love getting their own presents, but even more they love the total chaos that breaks out when the kids get their gifts. Santa comes to each household, and residents and children are both waiting for the presents to be given out. It’s crazy. It’s hectic, noisy and messy, but isn’t that what Christmas morning is supposed to be like? We finish the morning with a special luncheon for everyone and then we all take a nap!

Sent to us by Becky Weber, Administrator at Garden Spot Village, New Holland, PA

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