Residents with disabilities find new life in Inglis Neighborhoods

Evidence that person-centered care is making a difference.”

So wrote Gavin Kerr, Inglis CEO, in an email he forwarded to his executive team last July. In the original message, a physical therapist praises long-term care staff at Inglis House in Philadelphia for the remarkable progress made by a resident with severe physical disabilities.

“They (staff) did the impossible,” the therapist wrote. One resident “told me she got out of bed and ate in the solarium yesterday. This is something that has not been done as far as I know, ever. She is now agreeing to get out of bed three times a week to eat lunch in the solarium… We talked; ‘New room, new life,’ she said.” Continue reading “Residents with disabilities find new life in Inglis Neighborhoods”

Bridgewater Households Brighten Prospects for Organizational Longevity

When participants of a leadership development seminar held in Arizona last fall were asked to name leaders who inspire them, they chose heroic figures you might expect – Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Jr., Kathy Sommers … Kathy Sommers?

A certified nursing assistant (C.N.A.) at Bridgewater Retirement Community in Virginia, Sommers’ strength, devotion, and compassion immediately came to mind for seminar participant Jeff Boyd. “Truly, Kathy stands out,” he says. Continue reading “Bridgewater Households Brighten Prospects for Organizational Longevity”

Essential Elements of Households Transcend Long-Term Care

What can the Household Model, designed as an antidote to institutionalized senior living environments, do to improve how we care for the homeless, foster care children, and people residing in their own homes?

Plenty, as they’re discovering at Uniting in New South Wales, Australia. 

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Refining the Household Model is an endless journey of challenge, personal fulfillment

By Dr. Matthew Bogner*M Bogner Head 2015

We all want to feel a sense of meaning and purpose in our lives – to be part of something bigger than ourselves and aspire to a higher moral purpose. Many of us find this meaning in our work and implementing the Household Model enables us to do just that because even on difficult days we feel fulfilled knowing we are enabling a better life for our most vulnerable. Continue reading “LESSONS FROM THE ROAD”

Joy in Mudville: Casey Goes to Bat at The Piper

Yes, pitcher Casey Barnes was on the Kansas City (KS) T-Bones disabled list in 2015 after catching a sizzling line drive with his bare hand, injuring a thumb.

No, that is not why he moved into The Piper Assisted Living and Memory Support for the 2016 baseball season. Continue reading “Joy in Mudville: Casey Goes to Bat at The Piper”

Airing of the Quilts

This story was shared with us by Susan Clark of Uniting in Australia

Airing of the Quilts quilt

Recently our home, Caroona Kalina, hosted a two-day event showcasing a large selection of quilts. Our residents had expressed how much they love quilts and would love to have more involvement. This involved inviting residents, staff, families and the public – including our local Quilting Club – to air their quilts. In the end, we had nearly 200 handmade quilts on display! Many of our residents spent weeks preparing for the event during their art and crafts sessions. Our local Mayor officially opened the event, and we had an overwhelming response from the public, with people traveling significant distances to attend. Continue reading “Airing of the Quilts”

Healthy Living Community Breaks Ground in Liberty, MO!

NORTERRE UPDATE November, 2016: The first phase of Norterre is on schedule and projected to open next summer. Norterre developers and team members are getting out into the community to share the mission, values and lifestyle with the public. In October Norterre showcased its focus on healthy living with others at
Liberty’s Fall Festival and the Clay County Senior


Beverly Brandon & Heather Callahan share the Norterre message

Resource Fair. These two events kicked off the team’s plan to develop relationships and paint a picture of life at Norterre. The team will continue to participate in area educational events to further its goal of breaking down the silos that exist between health care and wellness for all generations.

Interest is continuing to grow at an encouraging rate, and there are already reservations for assisted living and long term care. Preparations are now being made to take reservations for the Healthy Living Center as well, due to the amount of interest. Although there is also a great deal of interest in Independent Living, this is currently planned for Phase II. The sales office is scheduled to open in February 2017 and will be located in the Liberty Clinic.

Action Pact and partners Liberty Hospital and Healthy Living Centers of America broke ground on a revolutionary multi-generational wellness and residential living neighborhood in Liberty, Missouri, on May 17, and announced its name:  Norterre.

NorterreAfter two decades of applying ground-breaking concepts to create households for frail elders, Action Pact and its partners have broken ground for an entire multigenerational community based on the same household principles of normality, relationships, privacy, choice, and self-determination.

The $66 million first phase of the Norterre Healthy Living Community in Liberty, MO, will bring together adults and children of all ages with a healthy-living fitness center, a café, assisted living and skilled nursing households, and short-stay rehabilitation suites.  The 50,000-square-foot healthy living center will offer a yoga and Pilates studio, cardio and strength area, spin room, track, lap pools and a children’s area.

“An athlete will work out next to a senior recovering from a stroke while a mother drops her daughter off in the children’s area so she can meet a friend to participate in a yoga class,” says Steve Shields, Action Pact CEO and Norterre Chairman/Managing Partner. “Seniors in memory support and assisted-living households will spend time in the greenspaces, healthy living center and café alongside young adults and families. A strong sense of connection will fill the campus.”

The project eventually will include apartments and homes for residents of every age along with full amenities found in most neighborhoods. Cafes, beauty shops, and a library – usually available in retirement communities but reserved just for elders – will welcome everyone, says Shields.

“Over the last two decades, we’ve guided hundreds of organizations across the country in their transformation from institutional care settings into vibrant households.  Now we’re expanding this revolution to intergenerational neighborhoods and services within a fully integrated healthy living community,” says LaVrene Norton, Action Pact founder. “Norterre brings us a step closer to redefining not only the culture of aging, but the culture of living.”

The master-planned community will be the first of its kind in the country, consisting of a significant residential component for all stages of life, including young families, active adults and seniors. The first phase of the project will include the healthy living center, a café, households for seniors and short-term stay rehabilitation suites.

Norterre will be built on a 17-acre piece of land adjacent to Liberty Hospital, with large greenspaces for cross-generational and cultural activities. A 50,000-square-foot healthy living center will be the neighborhood’s “town square”, where young adults, parents and grandparents from all over the Northland can come together to work out, take yoga classes, socialize, build strength, receive physical therapy, learn about wellness, and reach personal milestones in a supportive environment unlike any other. Individuals from near and far can become members to improve physical, mental and spiritual well-being, and doctors can also write prescriptions for patients to take part in physical therapy or specialized programs. Many refer to this concept as a game-changer, as it will unite people of all ages in a way that has never been done before.“We are proud that this first-of-its-kind community will be built right here in Liberty. The concept complements our goals as a city – to help our residents of all ages improve their health, experience a sense of community and enrich their quality of life,” said Lyndell Brenton, mayor of Liberty. “Our city is an outstanding home for people in all seasons of life and health, and this unique wellness concept will connect the generations in a new and exciting way.”

The first phase of Norterre, which consists of the healthy living center, assisted living residences, memory support residences, skilled nursing residences and short-term rehabilitation suites, is expected to open in the late spring/early summer of 2017. The buildings will surround and face a large greenspace where individuals can enjoy local and regional artwork, wellness activities and multi-generational experiences. Construction of the second phase is planned to immediately follow with independent living and non-age-specific housing options.

The healthy living center is an integral component of the development. Any adult can join as a member and use the yoga and Pilates studio, cardiac and strength area, spin room, track, high impact studio, stretching area, demonstration kitchen that emphasizes healthy food preparation and nutrition, as well as warm water therapy and lap pools, spa, and children’s area where parents can drop their children off while they work out or have physical therapy. Companies in the Northland will sign up for memberships for their employees and use the center to create internal health initiatives. Doctors will also write prescriptions for patients to participate in programs such as cardiac rehab, diabetes prevention and physical therapy, and navigation teams will assist patients on-site.

“The project will help us further integrate valuable healthcare services into the community, while focusing on prevention and assisting Northland residents currently managing chronic conditions,” said David Feess, president and CEO of Liberty Hospital. “The concept will allow us to provide an ideal healthcare delivery model. Our clinicians will coordinate with the staff at the healthy living center to create care plans that reduce hospital readmissions and improve health overall in the Northland.”

The first phase of housing focuses on the Household Model which was developed and introduced to the senior living sector by Action Pact, led by Steve Shields and LaVrene Norton. In this model, a smaller number of people live in private residences within a single “household.” Each household can accommodate up to 20 residents and includes an open kitchen, dining room, living room and intimate spaces to relax and visit, as you find in your home. Residents will choose when to eat and sleep, how to spend their day, and explore life with purpose and spontaneity. The master-planned community will have a total of 60 assisted living residences, with 20 dedicated to memory support, 20 skilled nursing/long-term care residences and 40 short-term recovery suites for individuals of all ages going through rehabilitation.

“This concept is truly unique, and it will give different generations the opportunity to improve their health together and inspire one another. Through this development, we will redefine wellness and spark a new way of thinking for all generations,” said Shields. “This is an opportunity to create a model that is unlike anything else in the country – a place where we can break down the barriers that exist in society, share life experiences and motivate each other.”

Visit Norterre’s website for the latest updates: 

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