Tips from Megan Hannan, developer of PersonFirst® Program

Megan guides households in creating a meaningful daily life for elders living with dementia.

Share this quick little video with caregivers and other staff who engage directly with residents.

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Fostering Kittens Brings Joy and Purpose to Seniors Needing Care

Life has been more playful in the Huron house lately – with residents feeding off the energy inherent in spending time with fluffy kittens. Early last summer, The Piper Assisted Living and Memory Support joined the Senior Foster Friends program and began fostering sets of kittens with the Great Plains SPCA. They’ve fostered four different sets so far, and the results have been outstanding. Continue reading “Fostering Kittens Brings Joy and Purpose to Seniors Needing Care”

Caring for a Pet Helps Meet Essential Human Needs

As I sit at home writing this, I am warmed by a cuddly kitty in my lap and a dog at my side on the couch. My pets (I have four in all) are a core element of what home means to me.  When I think about the attachment to my pets and the comfort they provide me, I realize they fulfill what Tom Kitwood describes in his book Dementia Reconsidered as the “human needs.” Continue reading “Caring for a Pet Helps Meet Essential Human Needs”