Ride Again: Rickshaws Bring Freedom

Not to mention a welcome breath of fresh air!

Action Pact has watched with delight as our friends at Brewster Village in Appleton, Wisconsin, have continued to learn and grow while they pursue excellence in the household model and person-centered care. A PersonFirst® organization, they demonstrate their commitment in many ways.  Here’s one.

J on rickshaw-2During her work day as a registered dietitian at Brewster Village, Rikki Profant keeps a small brown notebook with her to jot down notes. It’s not a diary or journal of her own thoughts, but rather quotes and stories from residents she takes on bicycle rides via a newly introduced program aimed at getting the elderly occupants of the rehabilitation and nursing home back outdoors. She keeps the notebook “somewhat selfishly” to remember nuggets of wisdom, but more importantly, to recognize the impact that the
Cycling Without Age program has brought to Brewster Village since it was introduced last summer with its first rickshaw.   
We share this excerpt courtesy of USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin. Read the full story and watch a great video here.

Reflecting on Person-Centered Care with Call the Midwife

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Insight on Culture Change and the Household Model from the Action Pact Team

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