Laying The Foundation For A New Vision

Bridgewater Retirement Community (BRC) in Bridgewater, VA recently laid the foundation for the new household of its Huffman Healthcare Center. On August 27, 2013, 52 years to the day after the first meeting to start fundraising for what was then called Bridgewater Home for the Aging, folks gathered near the new foundation to remember those who began the vision of providing services for elders, celebrate the present support from the community and prepare for the future households. Continue reading “Laying The Foundation For A New Vision”

Vacationing Residents Seek Adventure

Why should the possibility of going on an adventure end when you move into a nursing home? One of the best ways to engage in life is by having new experiences, especially experiences that fly in the face of assumed personal limitations. With this in mind, five residents (two from the health center) and four staff from Hearthstone: A Ministry of WesleyLife in Pella, IA set off on a real vacation, prompting one resident to say, “Maybe it’s been too long since I’ve been out of town, or even my room.” Continue reading “Vacationing Residents Seek Adventure”

Why We Do Learning Circles


The learning circle is the handy hammer of culture change – anyone can use it, it’s simple, it’s intuitive and it’s the tool you come back to, over and over, with each new piece of home life you build. For the Household Model to function at its potential, the organization must be reconfigured, doing away with traditional silos and hierarchy. The learning circle is the tool that can assist the organization in that work. Continue reading “Why We Do Learning Circles”