A New Awakening

This story about adjusting overnight practices to allow residents to sleep without being woken up throughout the night was originally published in our October Newsletter.

Mr. W. spent most of his days mostly asleep. He was sluggish, had a hard time getting up and ready for the day and required assistance eating. Then the folks of the Miller’s Crossing neighborhood at Rosedale Green in Covington, KY decided to individualize sleep plans for their residents Continue reading “A New Awakening”

An Environment Where Elders Living with Dementia Make Decisions

Megan Hannan, creator of PersonFirst®, addresses the need to create an environment where people living with dementia can make decisions and experience life like an adult.

What a Difference a Decade Makes…Transformation of Dietetics in Long-Term Care

As the new millennium dawned, the household model introduced resident-directed dining. Visionaries in the field began to promote new approaches to dining in long-term care as part of the shift from institution to home, by focusing on relationship instead of task and offering point-of-service choice instead of tray service.

Continue reading “What a Difference a Decade Makes…Transformation of Dietetics in Long-Term Care”