The First Step In Your Journey To Home

Culture change and person-centered care are no longer new ideas. Leaders in long-term care have been working to change the reality of nursing homes for decades now.  Hundreds of organizations across the country use these words and claim to be changing their culture and providing person-centered care. Unfortunately, the reality of what culture change looks like and the ability to truly leave the institutional behind varies from home to home. Continue reading “The First Step In Your Journey To Home”

Laying The Foundation For A New Vision

Bridgewater Retirement Community (BRC) in Bridgewater, VA recently laid the foundation for the new household of its Huffman Healthcare Center. On August 27, 2013, 52 years to the day after the first meeting to start fundraising for what was then called Bridgewater Home for the Aging, folks gathered near the new foundation to remember those who began the vision of providing services for elders, celebrate the present support from the community and prepare for the future households. Continue reading “Laying The Foundation For A New Vision”

4 Ways High Involvement Supports Organizational Transformation

High involvement is essential for deep transformation. W. Edwards Deming, a statistician, was credited with Japan’s rise in manufacturing after World War II. The improvements were seen clearly in the quality of Japanese cars that began to dominate American highways in the 1970’s. Deming’s processes gradually came to influence the entire auto industry. In his book Out of the Crisis, published in 1982, he detailed 14 points vital to transforming business. His 14th point: Transformation is everyone’s job. Continue reading “4 Ways High Involvement Supports Organizational Transformation”