Life Soars at St. John’s New CCRC in Albert Lea, Minnesota

Eagle crop2Residents will have eagle eyes watching over them when they move into one of the new households at Fountain Lake in Albert Lea, MN – especially if it’s nesting season.

“We didn’t know a bald eagle’s nest was on the property until about a year after we purchased it,” says Scot Spates, Administrator at St. John’s Lutheran Community.

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Refining the Household Model is an endless journey of challenge, personal fulfillment

By Dr. Matthew Bogner*M Bogner Head 2015

We all want to feel a sense of meaning and purpose in our lives – to be part of something bigger than ourselves and aspire to a higher moral purpose. Many of us find this meaning in our work and implementing the Household Model enables us to do just that because even on difficult days we feel fulfilled knowing we are enabling a better life for our most vulnerable. Continue reading “LESSONS FROM THE ROAD”

Action Pact In The News

Action Pact Receives BAM Award of Excellence

Recently the Kansas Department of Commerce named 23 Regional Business Excellence Award winners and 52 Merit Award winners as part of Business Appreciation Month, the Department’s annual celebration of Kansas businesses and their contributions to their communities and the state economy.  Among the 23 Business Excellence award-winners is Action Pact, based in Manhattan, KS.Award icon-orange

Award qualifications include:

  • Business expansion in Kansas
  • Successful employee retention and recruitment practices
  • Employee training/educational programs
  • Capital investment in Kansas
  • Support of local activities including school activities, community events, economic development and leadership programs

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Action Pact CEO Steve Shields Speaks in Ireland

Ireland_trad_counties_namedThe Irish Council for Social Housing invited Steve Shields to present at the ICSH BIENNIAL NATIONAL SOCIAL HOUSING CONFERENCE:  Turning the Tide for Social Housing, which took place this week (Sept. 16-17) in Co Offaly.  The topics he addressed were:

  • The need for a national debate in Ireland on how to offer greater choices and flexibility to older people who require housing and care / supports as they age.
  • At the moment many older people simply move out of their home into nursing home care when they require a little support.
  • How individual Departments, e.g. health, environment as well as local groups must come together to create safe, secure communities  for older people. Policy making comes mainly from silos in Ireland now!
  • There is an existing infrastructure of housing associations who provide housing and supports to older people in Ireland – funders and policy makers need to look at how best to further develop, utilise and fund this resource as well as replicating it, as it embodies much of what the Action Pact household model is based on.
  • Changing demographic trends (of an ageing population) means planning should be occurring now. Now is the time to look at developing appropriate housing options for older people which incorporate the following:

~ Community support – to ensure that the scheme is an integral part of the life of the local community and that residents of the scheme are given the opportunity to be involved in meaningful activities.

~ Appropriate Care supports – allocated to the scheme allowing for the changing needs as people age and to assist people to remain at home for as long as possible.

~ Age Friendly design – that is attractive, affordable and which addresses older persons needs.

~ Appropriate location – Close to those services that are most required as we age (post office, shops, health care services etc.).

Was it the Lure of Vegemite? 

Megan Hannan found herself in Australia for much of the summer (well, it was summer here) — working with our wonderful friends at Uniting and many of their 70 sites that are committed to moving to households.   First step:  Embracing Action Pact’s approach and philosophy of PersonFirst®.  She’s back in the U.S. now, but will boomerang back with LaVrene come November. These folks are serious in their commitment to culture change and to households!  (See the “Back to School” post for some of their stories)

New Nursing Home Designed to Make Seniors Feel at Home

This article was previously published by Connecticut Post.

by Keila Torres Ocasio

In Bunny Kasper’s travels across the U.S. looking for ways to improve the lives of people in the care of Jewish Senior Services, there was one nursing home model that stood out from the rest — the “household model.” Continue reading “New Nursing Home Designed to Make Seniors Feel at Home”

Get Back To Normal By Creating Choice In Your Dining Program

Eating is normal. We all do it everyday. We decide what we want to eat, even down to the moment it goes on our plates. As adults, we eat what we want, when we want to eat it, even if it’s at 3 in the morning.

But in many elder care organizations, that is just not an option. Food is available three times a day, and in many homes, residents choose what they would like to eat three weeks before the food makes it to their plate. Continue reading “Get Back To Normal By Creating Choice In Your Dining Program”

“Coming Home” Is Made Possible In The Household Model

coming home

I travel for work, a lot, and so I am very familiar with the feeling of “coming home,” of looking forward to being with my family again and settling into the comfort and security my home offers. As part of Action Pact’s transformation work with clients, we explore the elements of home, one of which is “journeying.” Whether for an hour, a day or a few weeks, journeying includes the excitement of planning for the trip, the experience of being away from home and the inevitable return. I’ve been wondering if I, as a serial traveler, experience journeying the same way people living in nursing homes, assisted living and personal care do. Continue reading ““Coming Home” Is Made Possible In The Household Model”

Designing “Normal” Into The Household Kitchen And Dining Experience

“It doesn’t have to be complicated.” –Tracy Anderson, Architect, Action Pact Design

If your home is like mine, life revolves around the kitchen and dining area. It’s where we go for a late-night snack or daytime meal; relax with friends and family while sharing news of the day; reflect in solitude over a cup of coffee or day dream while washing dishes.

It is the same in Action Pact’s Household Model: Continue reading “Designing “Normal” Into The Household Kitchen And Dining Experience”